When you get inside the church of Pious Paraskeva from Ceatalchioi village time is suspended because the exceptional age and the archaic plan give the church an inestimable value. The gaze is drawn like a magnet by the church on the hill, which rises majestic watching the surroundings. Near the church is the village cemetery, surrounded by many trees. The place of worship is located in a quiet area which leads you to calm, prayer and spiritual recovery.

This activity, bringing revenues in the past, is still practiced in Păltlăgeanca village, at a fairly low level only by a few families. The products obtained are the famous mats, bulrush baskets and various handicraft objects.

The tourists that want a holiday away from the tumult of the seaside, where they can enjoy reading quietly on the chaise longue, can opt for the beach at Ceatalchioi. A small paradise that lies at your feet on the ground of the Danube Delta, the beach at Ceatalchioi can not be overlooked, even if it is just a narrow strip of sand. The churning waters of the sea bathe the sand mixed with seashells, and in the air you can feel the smell of fish. All around you can see willows rising from the water, colonies of pelicans and cormorants, and from place to place the water lilies form true floral constellations.

Sireasa Canal is the ideal place for fishing, the access to the canal can be done terrestrial on a cobbled road, crossing the Danube by ferry to the Monument or by water through Mila 36, canal that intersects Sireasa canal through two canals. One can catch fish along the entire length of 11 km of the canal, but fishing is much influenced by the water level, the lower the better, especially for shore fishing. The canal is rich in fish; here you can catch perch, pike, carp and rudd.

In June and July fishing is done on the western section of the canal, from “Podul Rosu” (the western end of the canal which is closed by the pier) until the first or the second curve or the first willow (these are the reference points used between fishermen), after which the high water and grass on the canal bank makes it almost impossible fishing from the shore. As the water decreases in the months of August, September and October, fishing moves from the west to the east of the canal, at the minimum rates of the Danube you can catch well on the eastern portion of the canal, from “Pantalon” to its flowing into canal 36.

The best parties are made in the period 15 August to 30 September. On a good place, enticed, can be caught 6-10 kg of crucian carp; the crucian carp is smaller than on 36 but it is large enough in order to be retained for consumption.