Ceatalchioi commune is located in the northern part of Tulcea County. The commune is bounded by the following territories: to the North Chilia arm, border with Ukraine, to the West Chilia arm, border with Ukraine, to the South the administrative territory of Somova commune and of Tulcea municipality, to the East the administrative territories of Pardina commune. The connection on water with the commune is made through Chilia arm, and on land on DC1.

The villages of the commune are: Ceatalchioi – commune residence, Pătlăgeanca, Plauru and Sălceni.

The origins of Ceatalchioi settlement are lost in time. During the Turkish occupation, here was a military unit around which were concentrated the houses of the locals. Later, after the retreat of the Turks the area was populated by Ukrainian fishermen. After the Second World War, more precisely in 1947 Ceatalchioi becomes commune and are assigned to it the villages Pătlăgeanca, Plauru and Sălceni.

In 1970, following the catastrophic floods that hit Romania, the commune enters in a broad process of depopulation, which lasted until the 90s, when the localities began to be repopulated. This was due largely also to the damming works of the 80s, that eliminated the danger of flooding, and allowed the practice of agriculture, on large areas.

As in any other part of the country, also at Ceatalchioi the inhabitants have concentrated their activities on the use of the local resources, in this case, fish, reeds, bulrush, meadows, forests, etc.

Touristic routes

  • Ceatalchioi Patlageanca village – Ceatalul Chiliei Area/Danube – The formation of the delta – The Danube divides in the first two arms: Danube (Chilia) and Danube (Tulcea).
  • Ceatalchioi – commune – Danube Delta / Danube (Chilia) – Tataru (lake) – deltaic lakes.


Ceatalchioi commune has a continental climate:

  • arid of Danubian type with high thermal amplitude;
  • active wind regime and low rainfall average annual temperature 11°C;
  • the average quantity of precipitations 400 mm/ square meters annually.